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If you’re looking to get into the acai and smoothie bowls business, franchising Bonita Bowls is an excellent way to make your mark. Not only does it provide a fast track for the startup process – with a tried-and-true brand name, established customer base, and dedicated support system – but it also allows you to create something uniquely yours. Think of it as a healthy recipe mash-up.

The Bonita Bowls Way

For starters, acai bowls are a great way to introduce customers to the world of smoothie bowls. Acai berries are especially high in antioxidants and dietary fiber, so acai bowl recipes tend to be healthier than regular smoothies. Additionally, acai can be used as an ingredient in a variety of dishes – such as oatmeal, granola, and salads – allowing you to offer a range of acai-infused options on your menu.

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