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Keeping Chicagoland Fun and in Good Shape, One Bonita Bowl at a Time

About Bonita Bowls

Bonita Bowls is a one-stop smoothie restaurant for health-conscious people who want to enjoy healthy, tasty food. We specialize in making smoothies, wraps, waffles, poke, and smoothie bowls!

With us, you’ll enjoy real food packed with flavor and nutrients that will help you stay fit and energized. We serve Glen Ellyn, Elmhurst, Greater Chicago and Downers Grove the freshest and tastiest delights all week.

How We Started

In 2017, during the peak of Instagram’s food-sharing craze, acai bowls caught the attention of our founder, Kyle. To the founder, the bowls were a work of art with stunning purple bases that make whatever fruit topping stand out.

Seeing how tasty and healthy these bowls looked, the health enthusiasts decided to try them. Unfortunately, after a few tries from different shops, the smoothie bowls were just sugar bombs – unnaturally sweet!

Although healthy, Acai is quite bitter, and most shops resorted to artificial sweeteners to neutralize its taste. But they do it way too much using refined sugar or corn syrup, making them merely another cold slurry in a bowl. But that’s only until Kyle joined the game.

Making the Difference

Being health enthusiasts who stand for honest advertising and real foods, Kyle decided to start his first shop without poisoning everyone with too much sugar. He worked around the bitter acai taste by improving the smoothie base using other fruits.

Acai and pitaya are super nutritious but so are bananas, pineapples, and coconuts. By coming up with more dynamic bases, we’ve not only made healthier concoctions but also reduced the sugar levels in half using naturally sweet fruits!

Today, we have over 15 signature smoothie bowls that everyone loves – tried and tested. At Bonita Bowls, you can finally get a delightful superfood meal that’s all-natural, delicious, and healthy!

Your Body | Your Choice

At Bonita Bowls, we respect everyone’s dietary choices. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, a caveman, or a meat-only eater, we have something appetizingly healthy for you.

Our goal isn’t just to provide nourishing and tasty food; it’s also about giving you a great experience. We aim for quality service in every order, which is why we offer build-your-own meals to serve people on a super strict diet.

Want some sugar-free smoothie? How about a salt-free poke bowl? Just say the word, and we’ll make that happen in the most delicious way possible.


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